Wireless, Solar Powered Camera Pole Mount Systems

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NEMA Rated Aluminum Weatherproof Enclosure

NEMA Rated Aluminum Weatherproof Enclosure

Wireless, Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

Solar Wireless CameraBringing you the most innovative, easy to assemble, high powered, sophisticated Wireless Solar Powered cameras on the market today.

Our units are Turnkey style, but we also support Custom made Systems. Give us a call and we will discuss your specifications and requirements and based on your budget we will supply you with a complete solution from end to end, please have on hand as much information regarding what you are requiring and please include your geographical location and where possible the Lat / Long of the cameras intended installation.

SolarVision's Wireless Solar Powered security cameras, for CCTV outdoor remote video monitoring, use only the latest in Wireless and Solar Technology. Our solar power camera systems transmit wireless video up to an 20 miles, using only the power of the Sun.

Our Pole Mount System's are a completely wireless solution, not even a power supply is needed for this system. You will save from the costly expense, and man time to run cables and dig trenching with our non-line-of-sight, wireless network Pole Mount kits that enables remote network cameras.

Your surveillance footage is recorded in real time from a location that is convenient for you. Choose from SolarVision's variety of High Quality Solar Powered Cameras.



Cameras Available with Solar Pole Mount System

High Res Day/Night Varifocal Day/Night
High Res Day/Night
IP Network Camera
Varifocal Day/Night
IP Network Camera
Panasonic Network PTZ Camera CMOS sensor Day/Night
Pan Tilt Zoom
IP Network camera
CMOS sensor Day/Night
IP Network Camera

Sample Applications Include

  • Dams, Reservoirs, Lakes, Parks, Bridges
  • Covert Law Enforcement
  • Highway Departments
  • Water ways and Ports
  • City Traffic Locations
  • Construction Sites
  • Public Utilities
  • Pipelines
  • Airports

Key Benefits Include

Cost Savings
A much more affordable solution particularly when long distances, concrete, underground obstructions, and/or difficult terrain make trenching and cabling
difficult and expensive

Installation and operation are extremely simple

Whether you need a fixed IR or low light IP PTZ camera, a short distance
or a long distance, SV includes a range of solutions to meet your needs

Back-up Power
It comes standard with battery back-up to run your video camera 24 hours a day
for 5 full days without sun.

Total Wireless Solution Anywhere in North America
It can be configured to run over 3 types of wireless networks; point-to-point, cellular, or point-to-multipoint. Regular telephone lines can also be supported with
dial-up modems.

Integrated With Your Existing DVR
The entry level analog camera solution will easily integrate in with your current DVR.
It is configured to look like just another camera plugged into your DVR. Features such as video motion detection, alarm e-mail notification, text messaging, or any particular function supported by your DVR will work.

What is SR?

SR stands for Solar Rating. This is how we determine what size of solar panel you will need for your application.

Note: Extended Warranty for modified units designed specifically for particular customers,
such as those models not listed on this site, is for one year from the date you received the
unit, unless otherwise specified by DMS Solar Vision.