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Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Security Cameras are used when there
is no power at the local site or it is a remote site miles away. Our Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras are very popular, we can provide a Complete Solution no matter how large your project is or becomes. Wireless Solar Powered
CCTV Surveillance Cameras are excellent for monitoring remote Oil Well sites for Oil companies World Wide. Add Wireless Solar Powered CCTV Surveillance Cameras to your solution!

The SolarVision Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer system will minimize losses due to theft or vandalism or it can aid law enforcement andsecurity personnel as a tool to curb unruly behavior at events or demonstrations. The system is designed for construction site surveillance, law enforcement, safety training, investigations, police, private security and parking lot security.

Through our agreement with Securitas, a world leader in security, your sites can
be monitored 24/7. This service monitors sites for events, reports criminal activities
to local police and authorities and backs up all video to off-site storage that can
be later used as evidence. This is a complete ease of mind solution that is both
a proactive response to rising trends and a preventative means to deter criminal behavior. It is designed specifically to be easy to setup - one person can do it -
and its user friendly system makes operation simple.

  • Perfect for Short Term or Temporary Surveillance Applications
  • Reduce Construction Site Theft! Save Thousands from Stolen Materials
  • Special Event Monitoring; Sporting Events, Parades
  • Portable Design for Rapid Deployment


Government Employees Purchase Under GSAU.S. Government Customers
If you are a U.S. Government employee you can purchase many of our products under GSA. Please email gsa@dmsusa.net This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call and ask for our GSA representative.